Protect Your Friends

Get their backs—you might just save a life

Spot the Spot™

Spot the Spot™ has been developed by Dermpath Diagnostics to educate you on how to protect and inspect your skin to help prevent and identify skin cancer and other skin-related conditions. By educating and empowering you and working closely with your dermatologist, we hope to reverse the current trend of increasing skin cancer rates.

Know Your Spots

Spots can appear similar on the surface, but not underneath. It needs a closer look.


Did you know melanoma is curable if caught early? Don’t become a statistic.


Ask yourself, why should I demand a skin pathologist?

Become a Spotter

Educate yourself to spot changes in the skin
that could potentially be a risk to your health.


Understand ways to reduce skin damage from the sun and dangerous tanning beds.


Learn techniques for examining your skin for suspicious lesions.

Know your spots

From Melanoma to Seborrheic Keratoses, know what to look for in your own skin. And ask for help.